Monday, June 15, 2009

Scraps to Fabric

I'm in the process of making 6 wallets out of various summer colored fabrics and in the process I decided to try this idea I've had on my mind for awhile, to make fabric out of my scraps using steam-a-seam.

As I was cutting the many pieces for each of the wallets I saved the little scraps in a plastic baggy. I cut a piece of steam-a-seam the size I needed the outside of the wallet to be and laid the scraps down on one side. I ironed the pieces to the seam-a-seam and then ironed another piece of white fabric to the back. The white fabric I used happened to be Out Black cause I had an extra piece from some curtains I made and the weight happens to be just right. After both sides consisted of fabric I used brightly colored thread to run over the entire surface with my machine. I covered all cracks between the different fabrics cause I want it to hold up.

Of the 6 wallets I'm making everyone seems to like this one the best, I do too!

Inspiration: Steam-a-seam, one of my favorite tools, the possibilities are endless.

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