Thursday, August 6, 2009

Strawberry Fabric Tank

I made this shirt by copying the design of another tank I bought. The tank on the left is the tank I bought and the tank of the right is the one I made. It's got a few pleats running diangle down the front with a little bit of lace. The tank buttons opens half way down, I used clear red round buttons. The fabric is a Japanese Imported cotton/linen blend fabric.

Just the other day while I was out I saw a girl with a wallet made out of this same fabric and I asked her if she made it. She said no but that the fabric was scratch and sniff. I knew the fabric didn't smell like strawberries but before I could say anything she scratched her wallet, held it up to my nose and for me to smell and then smacked me up the nose with the wallet... it was delightful.

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