Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heather Ross Duvet Cover

Today, I want to share a project I completed months ago after Designer Heather Ross released her Mendocino collection. I absolutely love this collection for many reasons. The main reason I love it is the ocean theme, with mermaids and sea creatures. I've lived my entire life by the ocean, so I have a soft spot for ocean fabric. Unfortunately, most of the prints I see coming through the fabric shop give me the feeling of a tacky tourist shop. Her collection has a more modern feel. I love the colors she chose and the soft fine touch of the material. With that said it comes as no surprise that I chose to make a duvet cover for myself. I thought this project would be easier than it turned out to be. I didn't realize until I started making it that I would need to match up the tiny pattern and that the top would consist of three pieces instead of just two. I also was not aware of the space I would need to lay it out. My tiny bedroom at the time was not set up for that, but it all worked out and I love it. I used a solid kona cotton for the bottom piece and a zipper for entry at the bottom. To make it even more grand, I added tie downs in each corner of the interior so my comforter wouldn't shift or bunch up.

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