Monday, April 20, 2009

Japanese Fabric Wallet :)

I finished a wallet I sewed, using the Imported Japanese fabric from Designer Etsuko Furuya. I'm very pleased with the way it came out. I created the pattern as I went along. I plan on making this wallet a first of many and possibly printing a pattern for a make-it-yourself kit. This could be difficult for me since making the same thing over and over again eventually starts to feel like daunting work rather than a creative challenge.

Overall, this is a hearty wallet. I seriously doubt that it will ever fall apart. I used a heavy fusible interfacing for the back piece. The interior contains layers of hidden fabric, fused with stitch witchery. The majority of the seams are stitched twice. I have a change purse with a zipper on the outside. There are several card slots on the inside, including a clear plastic one for displaying an ID and two pouches for bills or checks. The owl on the front is an applique that I attached with stitch witchery and free motion sewing.

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