Saturday, April 25, 2009

Recycled Fabric for Curtains

Here's a project I made from recycled fabric. I often shop at thrift stores in search of fabric. Not necessarily fabric by the yard, but clothing items that I can see making something else out of. My mother thinks this is gross and I need to be careful of the energy I take in from others peoples stuff but I don't feel the same way. It's rewarding to transform something that's been discarded into something useful. Not to mention I save money and make a small contribution to saving the environment.
Months ago I found this hideous dress at the salvation army. At the time I was thinking about making a purse or appliquéing the flowers onto something but I wasn't sure. The bright colors in the pattern caught my eye, I liked that it was retro and the dress was huge so it would supply me with a substantial amount of fabric.
Then I moved into my new apartment and saw I needed kitchen windows I pulled this out of my collection. It was a really simple project. The bottom hem of the curtains is the original hem from the dress. I just finished the sides and made the loop at the top. I love my curtains and they go perfect with the funky 70's linoleum on the kitchen floor!

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