Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Secret Bee's Skirt and Tank

While I was making the pleats for this skirt I was watching the movie, The Secret Life of Bees. If you you've seen this movie then maybe you can understand why I was crying through the entire movie. Besides the overwhelming emotion I really enjoyed the movie, especially all the retro dresses. This skirt will always remind me of this movie and that's why I've decided to name it the Secret Bee's Skirt. I did not use a pattern for this skirt, I just did the math and it all worked out.

The fabric I used to make this skirt is bird fabric by Alexander Henry. I bought this fabric awhile ago and used it as a curtain in the last place I lived; I was glad to make use of the fabric again. I made a pattern for the tank by tracing the shape of another tank that fitted me well. The tank is made with a Rayon/Spandex knit fabric. You can barely see in the photo but I appliqued a little pink bird from the skirt fabric to the top left corner.

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  1. secret life of awesome skirts is what I see! I love the fabric patterns you pick, this one is very summer'ish.