Friday, January 29, 2010

Crystal Leather Key Chains

A few days ago I discovered my local leather store, LeatherWise. It is such a great place and I'm so excited to start learning how to use leather. Leatherwise has all the tools and materials I need to make all the thinks I've been dreaming about. Ron, who owns LeatherWise, is an expert on leather and was extremely helpful in answering all my questions as well as showing me simple techniques.

For my first project, I grabbed some gem stones I had forever and incorporated them into some of the scrap pieces of leather I bought. These key chains are completely sewn by hand. After the stone was set and sewn down tightly I added a rivet to the top, added black Edge Kote and Gum Tragacanth to the raw edges and added a stitch around the perimeter. Very fun to make, I've got a couple more in the works and they're on sale at Idle Hands in Santa Cruz, CA.

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